Key Finding: Jan 6 - Jan 26

According to Moldova’s electoral code, DECs should have an odd number of members with a minimum of seven and potential maximum of 11. Two members are to be nominated by the judiciary, two by the local administrative authorities and one member nominated by each party represented in parliament. Based on the previous parliament, five political party organizations are eligible to nominate representatives to the DECs. Consequently, the maximum members on each DEC for this election should be nine individuals.

LTOs’ reports have noted several DECs with too many members throughout the country. According to the CEC website as of January 24, 28 DECs have more members than the legal limit. Currently, 25 DECs consist of  11 members and two DECs  have 10 members—both over the limit of nine. Additionally, one DEC has eight members, not complying with the provision that DECs must have an odd number of members. IRI has requested an explanation of this discrepancy.