The International Republican Institute (IRI) has deployed a Long-Term Observation Mission to observe preparations for the Moldovan parliamentary elections scheduled for February 24, 2019.

Long-term observers (LTOs), who were accredited by the Moldovan Central Election Commission on December 11, 2018, are be based in Edinet, Ungheni, Orhei, Anenii Noi, Hancesti, Comrat and Chisinau. IRI observers will remain on the ground to observe the pre-election preparations, Election Day and the post-election period, concluding their mission on March 26, 2019.

The mission is led by Andrea Keerbs, with the assistance of three analysts who will provide in-depth analysis of the media, electoral and legal landscape. The experienced LTOs represent 11 different countries: the U.S., Poland, Canada, the U.K., France, the Philippines, Uganda, Portugal, Montenegro, Slovenia and Georgia.  

IRI has organized more than 200 international election observation missions around the globe, earning a reputation for impartiality and professionalism. The IRI mission to Moldova is funded by the United States Agency for International Development and will conduct its activities on a strictly independent and nonpartisan basis, without interfering in the election process and conforming to the laws of Moldova.

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